jaya jaya!

Αμήν λέγω υμίν: Εγώ Ειμί ο Ων, Aham Brahmasmi, Shivoham,
Ahyh Asr Ahyh, I Am That I Am, Ana al haqq, Santam-Shivam-Advaitam, Sat-Chit-Ananda.

Tat Tvam Asi


Κυριακή, 29 Μαρτίου 2015

Final Sermon on Samadhi and Freedom

If meditation does not solve all your problems, then it is not meditation at all.
It is a try for relaxation, but relaxation is futile and does not lead to Freedom.
If you need Freedom, and you are determined to get it, you will get it, you deserve it.
If you need the world and your desires, you will get them.

Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi is the highest art, the only art: the art of Being.
Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi is when one is possessed by That all the time, seeing it everywhere, smelling it, hearing it, thinking of it, walking in and through it, sleeping in it, drinking it, being It constantly. This just happens when one loves That naturally with all his heart for no reason, not because of fear, profit, tradition, obligation, anxiety, but naturally and spontaneously, like breathing. Meditation is the highest art for the deluded, but for those who are always established in the heart of Shiva, being empty in emptiness, water in water, light in light, meditation is of no use. It is quite the same with the Bhava Samadhi of the pure Bhaktas: always here, always accesible, without external or internal aid. "Yatra yatra mano yati tatra tatra samadhayah"- "wherever the mind goes, there it experiences samadhi".
Everything evaporates, vanishes when one realizes That. His eyes see, but he doesn't. His mind thinks, but he doesn't. Knowing the Self as pure Consciousness, whatever happens is definetely not his concern. Mature bhaktas and jnanis will get peace instantly. Others, attached to techniques, methods of temporary relief and vain ecstasies, will be in turmoil and agitation.
Even those who stay in Kevala Nirvikalpa Samadhi, thinking that they are done, know not Peace. Because Kevala Nirvikalpa Samadhi is temporary. If it is not temporary, it is called Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi. But this is not your concern. Names and titles and imaginary stages are not your concern. En realite, there is no evolution for the soul, since it is already pure and unattached (the sky does not get dirty). Duality is not your concern. Not even monism is your concern. You Are That which is neither dual nor one. You are That which is Pure, without motion, without interior and exterior, without mind, without disturbance, Total Peace, without subjects and objects, without notions, without ecstasy, without aim, without cause and effect, without high or low, without needs, without pain, without joy, without relatives, without rules, without actions, without dilemmas, without questions, without answers, without body, without time and space, it is Only Silence, Only Consciousness, Only Existence, Only Bliss, Freedom, Now, Here, not tomorrow, not somewhere for some, excluding some others, but One in All, One Everywhere and Everything. Brahman is you. Ocean is you, you little drop of water. Why did you imagine that you are separate and you made up names and shapes? Loose and renounce all faux bijoux and get all the real gold of the world. It is a clever investement. Do not stay attached to shadows.
All sins can be forgiven, except duality. Duality is suicide.
Meditation is the only cure for sins. Do not strive. What happened is gone. What will come, is fantasy. Meditate.
Many dualists devotees accept the fact that God is everywhere, everything, all the time.
This is their contradiction. If they could only stay in this simple thing, they would be Free.
But now they imagine that God is somewhere and Evil is somewhere else.
They imagine other Subject and other Object. But Shiva is Subject and Object and Action at the same time. It is time and space at the same time. It is the substratum of all, the ground of all. It is that simple that the complex mind cannot grasp it. Leave everything aside, and stay in your Self and see by yourself. Let everything go. Forget what can be forgotten, and stay with that which can never be forgotten. 

Can mantras save you? Can mere words save you? You say that it is the attitude by which you speak the words that can save you. Alright. Keep the attitude alone (jnana/knowledge) and renounce the methods. If you are already That, if you are already in Home, what's the use of searching with a pair of binoculars through the window of your house trying to see you house? :) You will never find it. Only by leaving the binoculars aside, and by seeing within, you will find it. Wherever you see now, it is outside. Just see within. The Kindgom of Heaven is WITHIN, and it is HERE and NOW! "It is spread on earth and people do not see it", "it is not in Heaven nor in Earth, it is in the Heart of man". 

Can scriptures alone save you? Can mere words and thoughts save you? You learned the message of Advaita Vedanta. No need for further study. Further study is like postponing your Salvation, causing distress, mental constructions, contradictions: it is a vicious circle. You will never find Freedom in this way. Because more thoughts do not bring no-thoughts. No-mind is the cure. 
Mind is a lernean hydra. By cutting one head, two (or more) other appear: the old thought and the new thought that you killed a thought etc. and that process goes on ad infinitum :)
So be Hercules yourslef and burn completely the mind, transcending it instantly. 

Can ritual save you? Not at all. All scriptures show that whatever the action may be, salvations comes only by the attitude, by the faith by which it is performed. 
(all rituals performed with faith, are good. All actions, even silly actions, done with faith, are good, so says Bhagavad Gita and Shiva Rahasya and the biography of the Nayanars etc.). So again Jnana alone is the medicine. Jnana and Bhakti is the same. People may perform primitive sacrifices or advanced spiritual sacrifices but unless you sacrifice the "ego" and the mind, you will never find the Self. 

Can advanced spiritual sacrifices and meditation save you? Not at all. 
A "silly" primitive sacrifice performed with faith and total absorption is much greater than a egoistic and selfish spiritual meditation where there is an "ego" that thinks that he performs something "great" while thinking about superior and inferior practices, being deluded in duality. Prefer love and total absorption and then do whatever you like: either kirtan or kevala nirvikalpa samadhi or studying Vedanta etc.
Proper worship is performed by renouncing everything, by sacrificing your "ego" for God. If you want God to move in your Heart and Mind you need first to clean them and then you can make them the Temple of God. And Shiva will surely come and stay for ever.

Can faith in miracles and super powers, save you? Not at all. If you admire super-abilities, then you are under the veil of Maya. Whatever happens, whatever has an opposite, is mental construction. Brahman is not for circus. If you have faith because of miracles, or faith that needs miracles, you are totally wrong. If a guru tries to attract disciples by such ways, he has fallen in Hell of worldliness and he is blind.

The remedy is Jnana and Bhakti. Love and Knowledge are One. You Know the Self because you Love it that much that you have become Love Itself. You Love the Self because you know it. They are two sides of the same coin.
The remedy is simplicity. The remedy is faith. The remedy is not rituals, procedures, methods of vain ecstasies and temporary absorption. The remedy lies in staying Here and Now always. Not even thinking about a good practise or a bad practise. Not even judging others or yourself. What happened is Shiva, what happens is Shiva, what is going to happen is definetely Shiva. What's the point then in judging or trying to improve the world? You swim in Perfection. You are in an Ocean of Bliss. Open your Eyes!
Jnana is the instant way. Jnana/Bhakti is (following the example of the house and the binoculars) the total absorption without striving, trying or wanting, by giving up the pair of binoculars and seeing the Reality. That simple! It is the way of a bird, that immediately flies to the spot, while the other methods are like the way of an ant. But even in those other ways, again Jnana comes in the end and saves yogis. Only Jnana saves. Knowledge saves, Ignorance binds.

Reality is One, without name, but it is called by various names: Brahman, Krsna, Shiva, Shakti, Buddha, Jesus, Father, Soul, Energy, Emptiness, Void, That, Αγαθόν, Narayana, Consciousness, Existence, One, Unity, Self, Atma, Lord, Master, Purusha, Satchidananda, Chaitanya, Rama, Allah, Love, Tao, Zen, Spirit, Truth, etc. 
This is not your concern. Reality has no names, no theory, no place, no opposite, no similar. You are That, my friend. Why do you wander in vain? Enjoy your Kingdom. 
The sun is always different from the things that it illumines. An illumined lake is not the sun. :) An illumined temple is not the sun. :) If the temple falls, the Sun does not fall. :)
Brahman is the Sun of the Sun, the Eye of the Eye, the Soul of the Soul.
The sun equally shines upon temples and whorehouses, equally upon murderers and holy persons. Sun does not get dirty when it shines upon dirty things. It is always unaffected. Diogenes, when visiting "unusual" places for sages, he used to say: "And the Sun shines upon toilets, but it doen't smell bad" :)) So the sage is unaffected. The body may do whatever it does, but what matters is your inner status. You are That unaffected Brahman. Unaffected by experience, by good or bad. As the desert is always dry, no matter how long an illusion of oasis lasts. When the illusion stops, the desert is seen dry.

Σάββατο, 21 Μαρτίου 2015

Sahaja Samadhi

One phrase of the Upanishads, can easilly get the mature devotee to the lovely Sahaja Samadhi (the natural Samadhi). One glance of the guru, one moment in nirvikalpa samadhi can wake you up in the permanent sahaja samadhi.
One mahavakya can make it happen too. One simple-minded person (without intellectual whims and thirst) who will understand fully that Shiva is all, Subject and Object, he will no more care for trance, meditation, emptiness or non-emptiness, enlightenment or samsara.
He will no more care for maintaining or holding a "superior" state (nor being afraid of a "inferior" state). Because he neither holds nor rejects. 
Having nothing at all, he does not even have emptiness of mind. 
An empty mind is still a mind. He has become Emptiness.

Savikalpa Samadhi is something, there is a distinction between the meditator and the object of meditation, where there is bliss with disturbances.
Nirvikalpa Samadhi is nothing, total void, no distinction between meditator and the object of meditation, where there is undisterbed bliss for some time.
Sahaja Samadhi is constant bliss, without breaks, always there, like the "continuous flow of a line of oil" or like the constant love of gopis in bhava/ecstatic samadhi. 
In Sahaja Samadhi you see but you do not see, you listen but you do not listen, you think but you do not think. Everything is Consciousness, everything is Chinmatra: so there are no bliss and non-bliss, meditation and non-meditation etc. 
Sahaja Samadhi is the Queen of the samadhis since it requires nothing, it is always accessible Here and Now :)

Sahaja Samadhi is the natural state, the permanent state, when one is always installed in the heart of Shiva.
Everything is Shiva. Everything is Chinmatra. What else can be said?
It is inescapable. You are already that. You are already Shiva. Stop trying. 
When you realize that everything is Consciousness, then you see how useless are the methods of concentration and meditation too. Deep into the ocean, water is only water, it has nowhere to go, nothing to do. 
Leave everything behind and then "Everything drops like the flower from the hands of a sleeping person".
Sahaja Samadhi is the simple saying of the upanishads: "let body do what it likes, let mind do what it likes, I am always unaffected". This is the firm pose of the mukta. 
He has no meditation (even when he seems to meditate), he has no action (even when he seems to act), he has nothing at all.
He can do everything and if asked at the end of the day, he will tell you "I saw nothing, I heard nothing, I did nothing at all".
Yogis always try, Jnanis always delight in the supreme Ananda (bliss).
Everything is ananda to them. (this is why they are really "liberated".)

Sahaja is effortless, simple, easy. Be lazy (mentally). Be more lazy (do not be mentally thirsty. Just Be.) 
Actions that promise you to lead you to a "superior" state, are useless.
There is not an "ego" that can rise or fall, there is no process, there are no superior or inferior stages, there is only Brahman.
Reject anything promising. You already have all the wealth of the world.  

Why don't you stand where you already are?
Forget the concepts. Forget all your mental constructions. 
Forget the idea of "emptiness" and be emptiness itself.
Forget the God concept and be God Himself.
Forget all distinctions, forget all stages of evolution-there are no stages.
Truth is One. There is no plurality at all.
Forget the concept of samadhi, forget ecstasy, do not strive. Be Samadhi itself, Be Ecstasy Itself.
Only the mature bhaktas and jnanis, who are deeply devoted, are liberated.

Do what you do. In reality you neither act nor you cause anything else to act.
Brahman acts, Brahman enjoys, Brahman plays in all, Brahman renounces, Brahman meditates, Brahman dances and sings in kirtan, Brahman glorifies itself, Brahman gets liberated by itself, Brahman is Maya and Samsara, Brahman is Moksha and Nirvana, Brahman is Satchidananda, Brahman is the Substratum of all, Brahman is the non-dual Infinite, Inexpressible, Unchanging Consciousness, Brahman is every type of bhakta, every type of meditation or concentration, Brahman is every philosophy, Brahman is Non-dual, Dual and Dual-Non-dual at the same time, Brahman is woman and man and child and old man, Brahman is the Time of time, Brahman is the Space of Space, Brahman is Subject and Object, Brahman is You and Me, Brahman is the guru and the disciple, Brahman is the Upanishads, Brahman is Samadhi, Brahman is Bliss, Brahman is Love, Brahman is Simplicity, Brahman is Trimurti, Brahman is the Gunas, Brahman is without shape, Brahman is without Trimurti, Brahman is without Gunas, Brahman is without move/motion/intention, Brahman is unaffected, unfathomable, unthinkable, Brahman is always Now and Here, Brahman fills everything, Brahman is like an ocean, Brahman is like the Homogenous ether, Brahman is Grace, Brahman is Purity, Brahman is Ecstasy, Brahman is delusion and superimposition, Brahman is omnipresent, omniscient, Brahman is an avadhuta, Brahman is the householders, Brahman is the frauds, Brahman is the bad, Brahman is the thieves, Brahman is the atheists, Brahman is the manifold universe, Brahman is without change, without shape, without form, without ideas, without smell, without needs, without desires, without interior or exterior, without longing, without bondage, Brahman is Freedom for the sages, Brahman is bondage for the deluded, Brahman is the painkiller and the pain too, Brahman is the seed and the plant, Brahman is all the animals, Brahman is all moving and non-moving beings, Brahman is cause and effect, Brahman itself is without cause and without effect, Nothing sprouts from Brahman, Brahman never sprouted from something else, Brahman is the Mother and the Father of all, Brahman is the brother, Brahman is the cousin, Brahman is the friends, Brahman is the body and the mind, Brahman is Pure Intelligence, Brahman is Shiva and Shakti, Brahman is Narayana, Brahman is Krsna, Brahman is Ganesha, Brahman is Jesus and Rama, Brahman is Buddha, Brahman is Allah, Brahman is Tao, Brahman is Happiness, Brahman is misery too, Brahman is Prakriti and Purusha, Brahman is all-pervading, Brahman is Jiva, Brahman is all souls, Brahman is the 108 Upanishads, Brahman is Pranava and Omkara, Brahman is Bhairava, Brahman is Rudra, Brahman is Kali, Brahman is Αγαθό, Brahman is the Science of Yoga, Brahman is deathless, Mysterious, Brahman is Up and Down, Brahman is within and without, Brahman is Unborn, Brahman is undescribable, Brahman is Existence (Sat) and Non-Existence (Asat), Brahman is Vedanta, Brahman is all Mantras, Brahman is Jivanmukti and Videhamukti, Brahman is unreachable, Brahman is Silence (mouna), Brahman is speech, Brahman is Divine, Brahman is Beauty Itself, Brahman is Sacred, Brahman is Chinmatra, Sanmatra, Brahman is Bhakti/Devotion, Brahman is yama and niyama, Brahman is Heaven and Hell, Brahman is Vacuum/Void, Brahman is Plenum, Brahman is the Quintessence, Brahman is dissolution, Brahman is Karma, Brahman is Kevala, Brahman is Advaita Paramananda, Brahman is Ekameva, Brahman is Peace/Shanti, Brahman is aloof, Brahman is stirless, Brahman is the thread and all beings are the beads, Brahman is the Support of all, Brahman is the final Relief, Brahman is the Supreme, Brahman is inexhaustible, Brahman is tireless, Brahman is Vijnana, Brahman is Eternal, Brahman is sinless, Brahman is undecaying, Brahman is full, Brahman is the Sun of the Sun, Brahman is our breath, Brahman is our Heart, Brahman is Perfection, Brahman is Unity, Brahman is the foundation, Brahman is the basis, Brahman is the Essence of all, Brahman is the Self of all, Tat Tvam Asi. 

Be totally dispassionate and go beyond "beyond". Enjoy the natural bliss of Shiva.
You are only Shiva and nothing else. Everything is always Pure Consciousness and Bliss, when walking, when sleeping, when meditating in deep emptiness, when listening etc. Brahman transcends all states. Just as the Bhava Samadhi (the ecstatic-loving samadhi) of the mature bhaktas happens at any time, at any place, under any circumstance, just the same happens with the so-called "Sahaja Samadhi" of Vedanta that needs nothing external nor internal.

Aham Brahmasmi
Tvam Brahmasi
Om Tat Sat.

Δευτέρα, 9 Μαρτίου 2015

Another sermon on Bliss, Samadhi, Freedom

Kill the mind as soon as it rises. Get rid of the mind. 
The only good mind is no-mind.
Mind is a momentary flash, a vacant dream of no duration.
Mind is just projections without coherence. 
Do you really have a mind? Do you really have anything? Is there really an "ego" that owns things?
Mind is a lernean hydra. By cutting one head, two (or more) other appear: the old thought and the new thought that you killed a thought! and that process goes on ad infinitum :) 
So be Hercules yourself and burn completely the mind, transcending it instantly.
With determination to get free and armed with a strong faith, you should get into the natural state: Nirvikalpa Samadhi, where all distinctions cease, where there is no thought, not even the thought of absence of thoughts.
This is inexpressible, insurpassable, unfathomable, unthinkable!

Ignorant people think that the fire they see in a movie, burns the screen! :)
Ignorant people think that the Sun takes the shape of the things that it illumines! :)
(while the sun is totally unaffected and shines equally upon all, upon temples and sages and upon whorehouses and murderers. -You are that Sun, you are not a random thing that is illumined by Consciousness!)
Ignorant people try to find their House by watching with a pair of binoculars through the window of their house! :) Thats their folly! Being already in their house, they try to find their house by looking at other houses nearby! :) But the reality is that by giving up the search and the binoculars (the method), you realize instantly that you are already Home. There is no other way!
Ignorant people try to get to their houses, by leaving their houses! :)
This is a great folly too, isn't it? :) What a vain wandering! I am telling you: Leave the car in the garage and stay home, stay where you are. Just stay for a moment. Just See! And suddenly everything happens, everything is understood!
Who told you that you are not already home? Who told you that you must go out in search of something?
This vain wandering is just like a method in yoga. Any method is, in fact, useless. But sometimes it is good because after trying everything, the aspirant gets finally tired and stays here and now!
Ignorant people talk about merit or demerit, good or bad, creator and creation, subject and object.
The reality is beyond all duality. The reality lies beyond everything. The reality is always Here and Now. 
Ignorant people try to catch their shadows :) So they keep on running. 
The sage stays where he already is and enjoys infinite bliss.
Ignorant people think that they are the actors, the agents.
The sage has no sense of "ego" or individuality. He has dissolved in the ocean the Homogenous Consciousness.
Ignorant people run after desires, unable to see that desires are misery.
Ignorant people think that they are body and mind, just as in the case of the sun that thinks that he is a mountain and a cloud that it illumines! That is madness. :) Body and mind have no specific form, are always changing, they are objects of your perception (c'est-a-dire: you, the Subject, are different from them), they depend on many things, they depend in your perception, they are under the state of cause and effect, they are relevant to other things and they are not absolute entities, they are born and they die, so they are not Real. 
Reality is unborn, without cause or effect, without change, without dualities, without intentions, without motion, without parts, without thoughts, without shape, without name, without anything similar, it is always everywhere. It is one of a kind. It is above everything. You cannot describe it. If you could describe it, then it would be just another "thing", but this is not "a thing", it is the formless basis of all "things".
Ignorant people do not see their true nature. They are asleep.  A king sleeping dreams that he is a beggar, but that is never true! He wakes up and laughs! :) It is that simple!
Use your logic and reason, the scriptures and meditation (actual experience) and see yourself.
Do you expect to understand the taste of a fruit by reading its description?
Do you expect to understand the nature of orgasm without actually experiencing it?
As in the case of the orgasm, samadhi is total emptiness.
In deep orgasm you do not think of the orgasm, you do not think at all: there is only Happiness.
In deep samadhi, there is only emptiness, there is not even the thought of emptiness.
There is just Existence and Consciousness and Bliss.

You are the screen, not the random pictures that may pass over.
You are the sun, not the random object that is illumined by Consciousness!
You are the basis, the ground, the source, the substratum of all.
You are unaffected by the illusion, just as the desert remains always dry, before the illusion of the oasis, after the illusion, and even during the illusion.
Just as the blue of the sky remains, after realizing that the sky has no colour, in the same manner
the world keeps on happening in the eyes of the sage, but it does not affect him, since he knows the illusory nature of the universe.
You are pure consciousness, you are consciousness itself, 
you are not the object nor the subject. You are that which always remains when you discard all notions.
Try yourself. Throw away everything and see what remains!

Forget what can be forgotten, and realize the Self as the essence which can never be forgotten.
The essence is always here. The essence is you! Your essence can not be outside of you.
You are Brahman, Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha, Jesus.
Realize it and get free!

Your nature is Satchidananda.
What more can be said?
I gave you the most precious gem! Can you really appreciate it?
If you are used to admire only faux bijoux, you may not be able or ready to appreciate the real gold.
This is the most usual case. 
Have faith in my words, have faith in the words of anyone who gives you the gold of non-duality, and
trust your experience. Surrender to life! It is a divine sport! 
Be free Now! Be Bliss itself Now! Be stable and serene like the vast mountain that is not moved by the winds! By stable and serene like the ocean! Do not waste the opportunity! Do not delay!
You can have everything now, if you renounce the illusion!
You can have all the gold of the world, by renouncing all faux bijoux! :)
This is a fair deal, isn't it? Because actually you loose nothing and you gain everything.
This is a clever investment.

Κυριακή, 8 Μαρτίου 2015

Atmavidya Vilasa- Sadashiva Brahmendra (μεταφρασμένο)

Ο Υπέρτατος Εαυτός λάμπει, αγνός, φωτισμένος και χωρίς καμία μεταβολή.
Είναι Μοναδικός, Αιώνιος και ελεύθερος από πάθη.
Είναι ένα αδιαίρετο όλον, αμόλυντο από τη maya και ελεύθερο από τα gunas.

Αυτός που μέχρι πρότινος ήταν σκλαβωμένος μόνο και μόνο εξ αιτίας της άγνοιάς του
και ο οποίος εμπλεκόταν σε εγκόσμιες δραστηριότητες και ένιωθε ανήσυχος, τώρα πια λάμπει
ως σοφός, έχοντας, με τη χάρη του Θεού, αποτινάξει τα δεσμά του, με τη γνώση του Άτμαν.

Αυτός που κοιμόταν κάτω από την επήρεια της ψευδαίσθησης και έβλεπε χιλιάδες όνειρα στον ύπνο του, είναι τώρα ξύπνιος χάρη στα λόγια του δασκάλου του και ευχαριστιέται τώρα στον ωκεανό της μακαριότητας.

Ο σοφός, έχοντας αποτινάξει τις φυσικές του κλίσεις και τάσεις, που είναι απόρροια της prakriti,
έχοντας συνειδητοποιήσει την αληθινή του φύση ως Ύπαρξη (Sat), Συνείδηση (Chit), και Μακαριότητα (Ananda), ευχαριστιέται έχοντας επιτύχει την αξιοπρέπεια, χάρη σε ένα μόνο βλέμμα του μεγάλου δασκάλου.

Με τη χάρη του δασκάλου του, ο φωτισμένος χαίρεται σιωπηλά, έχοντας ησυχάσει το "εγώ" του και έχοντας τον νου του βυθισμένο στη δική του φύση ως Satchidananda.

Ο καλύτερος των ασκητών, ευχαριστιέται κατά βούληση μέσα σε ασύγκριτη μακαριότητα, με τα άχθη της καρδιάς του δροσισμένα από τα κύματα της χάρης του μεγάλου δασκάλου.

Ο καλύτερος των ασκητών, από του οποίου την καρδιά το σκότος έχει διαλυθεί, εξ αιτίας της ακτινοβολίας της χάρης του δασκάλου του, παίζει στον απεριόριστο ωκεανό της μακαριότητας.

Περιπλανιέται χωρίς επιθυμίες και έχοντας πετάξει την περηφάνια, την αυτοεκτίμηση και τον φθόνο,
έχοντας κατανοήσει στο μυαλό του ότι αυτό το σύμπαν είναι εντελώς ανυπόστατο και ότι έχει ψευδαισθητική φύση.

Ο γιόγκι, ελεύθερος από όλα τα βάρη, ευχαριστιέται στην έσω μακαριότητα, γνωρίζοντας με βεβαιότητα, ότι δεν υπάρχει κανένα ίχνος ψευδαίσθησης ή καμία επίδραση της ψευδαίσθησης στον αγνό Εαυτό.

Παίζει σαν παιδί, χωρίς ιδέα κανενός "εγώ" ή "δικό μου", βυθισμένος στον ωκεανό της αγνής ευτυχής, ευχαριστημένος με τις διάφορες ασχολίες των (εγκόσμιων) ανθρώπων.

Έχοντας πετάξει τα δεσμά του karma και έχοντας ευχαρίστηση μόνο στο Atman, ο πρίγκηπας των ασκητών τριγυρνά στα πέρατα της ζούγκλας σαν να ήταν χαζός ή τυφλός ή κουφός.

Σταθερά εγκατεστημένος στη γαλήνη, ο ευτυχισμένος αναπαύεται στο όμορφο κρεβάτι της ίδιας του της μακαριότητας, γαλήνιος και ανεξάρτητος από κάθε αίσθηση.

Ο βασιλιάς των ασκητών, λάμπει υπέροχα στο δικό του βασίλειο, στο μεγαλείο του δικού του μακάριου Εαυτού, έχοντας ξεριζώσει τους εχθρούς του -τις απολαύσεις των αισθήσεων- και με την πλήρη μη προσκόλληση ως φύση του.

Ακόμα κι αν ο ήλιος γίνει κρύος, ακόμα κι αν το φεγγάρι γίνει καυτό,
ακόμα κι αν η φωτιά καίει προς τα κάτω, ο ελεύθερος-ενόσω ζει (jivanmukta) τα εκλαμβάνει όλα ως προϊόντα της ψευδαίσθησης και δεν παραξενεύεται καθόλου.

Ο βασιλιάς αυτών που αποκηρύσσουν, παίζει μες στην πραότητα και στην μακαριότητα,
καβαλώντας τον ψηλό λαιμό του ελέφαντα της Σωστής Γνώσης, αφού πρώτα έχει εξολοθρεύσει τον εχθρό του, που χει την μορφή της άγνοιας.

Αυτός που ευχαριστιέται στο Satchidananda, λάμπει υπέροχα, χωρίς κανένα εγωισμό, με τον νου του ήρεμο, και με τις σκέψεις του δροσερές και ευχάριστες όπως το ολόγιομο φεγγάρι.

Πλήρως απορροφημένος στην ευχαρίστηση της ίδιας του της μακαριότητας,
παραμένει σε έναν άλλο κόσμο, ας πούμε. Και όπως του ρχεται, την μία εδώ στοχάζεται,
και την άλλη αλλού τραγουδά ή χορεύει.

Όπου κι αν τυχόν είναι, ο σοφός, αμόλυντος από αμαρτία και απροσπέλαστος από σκέψεις και ψευδαισθήσεις, έχοντας αποκηρύξει ακόμα και τις κατεστημένες πράξεις, στέκεται ασφαλής στην περιοχή της τελειότητας.

Έχοντας, τεχνηέντως, πιάσει το άτακτο ελάφι του νου του, με το δίχτυ της εσωτερικής έρευνας,
αυτός, ο μοναδικός, αναπαύεται στον δικό του χώρο, εξαντλημένος από το κυνήγι στα δάση των Βεδών.

Ο μοναδικός αυτός θριαμβεύει, τριγυρνώντας κατά βούληση στο δάσος της αφοβίας, έχοντας σκοτώσει τον τρομακτικό νου-τίγρη, με το κοφτερό ξίφος του γενναίου του μυαλού.

Σαν τον αψεγάδιαστο ήλιο, ο υπέρτατος ασκητής μετακινείται στον ουρανό της Γνώσης
και με τις υπεράφθονες σκέψεις του ως ακτίνες, κάνει του λωτούς των καρδιών των καλών ανθρώπων να ανθίζουν.

Ο μεγάλος σοφός λάμπει στον υπέρτατο χώρο του Vishnu, που ταιριάζει μόνο στους θεούς, σαν το αψεγάδιαστο φεγγάρι που κάνει τα γαλάζια κρίνα να ανθίζουν. Το φεγγαρόφωτο της σοφίας διαλύει τα σκοτάδια της άγνοιας.

Ο μεγάλος γιόγκι παραμένει στην τεράστια περιοχή της Γνώσης, σαν ένα αμετακίνητο σύννεφο και δροσίζει την πυρκαγιά της έσω δυσαρέσκειας με το να βρέχει το ελιξίριο της δικής του μακαριότητας. Πόσο υπέροχος!

Ο απόμακρος, σαν τον γλυκό άνεμο, πηγαινοέρχεται ευχάριστα στον κήπο της γνώσης και της μακαριότητας, καθαρίζοντας όλη την κούραση κουβαλώντας μαζί του την μυρωδιά (θεϊκών) άνθεων.

Ο ασκητής χορεύεις χωρίς φόβο, σαν παγόνι, σε δάσος γεμάτο με τα μυρωδάτα φρούτα της ελευθερίας και τα ευχάριστα άνθη της τέλειας γνώσης.

Εγκαταλείποντας αυτόν τον ανάξιο κόσμο που μοιάζει με έρημο, ο θεϊκός κύκνος παίζει ελεύθερος σ' αυτή την τέλεια λίμνη της Γνώσης και έμπλεος γλυκών νερών μιας τέλειας μακαριότητας.

Ο μεγάλος απόμακρος, σαν τον κούκο, τραγουδά απαλά και γλυκά λόγια στον κήπο που δροσίζεται από την μυστική παράδοση των ουπανισάδων, και στον οποίο όλες οι βέδες είναι ανθισμένες.

Ο τέλειος άνδρας της σοφίας, σαν το σπουδαίο λιοντάρι, παίζει στο τεράστιο δάσος της μακαριότητας, έχοντας απομακρύνει τις τίγρεις των αμαρτημάτων και έχοντας κόψει στα δύο τον άγριο ελέφαντα της ψευδαίσθησης.

Ο ασκητής παίζει σαν ένα άγριο μικρό ελεφαντάκι στις υψηλές περιοχές των βουνοκορφών της υπέρτατης Γνώσης, με τα δροσερά νερά του στοχασμού, απροσπέλαστος από το λιοντάρι της άγνοιας.

Κάποιες φορές ο ασκητής διαλογίζεται πάνω στην Αλήθεια, στις όχθες κάποιου ποταμού, με τα μάτια του καρφωμένα στην άκρη της μύτης και με τον νου του αποσυρμένο από ονόματα (και μορφές).

Ο σοφός λάμπει υπέροχα, σιωπηλός και ατάραχος, με το έδαφος κάτω από το δέντρο ως το κρεβάτι του, με την παλάμη του ως το κύπελλο του επαίτη, χωρίς να φορά ρούχα, διακοσμημένος με το κόσμημα της μη-προσκόλλησης.

Ο μεγάλος απόμακρος, που έχει ξυπνήσει στην τέλεια γνώση και στην μακαριότητα, βρίσκεται χωρίς κόπο στο σπίτι του, το οποίο είναι ένας απομονωμένος θάμνος στις όχθες του ποταμού, αναπαύεται στο άνετο κρεβάτι της μαλακής άμμου.

Ο βασιλιάς ανάμεσα στους ασκητές, ακτινοβολεί, ενώ βρίσκεται γαλήνιος στο μαλακό κρεβάτι της γης, με το δροσερό αεράκι ως βεντάλια και με το ολόγιομο φεγγάρι ως λάμπα.
Ο σιωπηλός σοφός, πάντα σε εσωτερικό διαλογισμό, δέχεται την ελεημοσύνη που του δίνουν για φαγητό και περιπλανιέται στους δρόμους σαν χαζός.

Όντας ο ίδιος η τεράστια πραγματικότητα που παραμένει αφότου διαλυθεί ο κόσμος εντελώς,
τρώει το φαΐ που του έρχεται λόγω του παρελθοντικού κάρμα (prarabdha karma-το οποίο ακόμα συμβαίνει παρά την αφύπνιση).

Ο γιόγκι δεν επικρίνει τίποτα, ούτε ευχαριστιέται στ' αλήθεια με τίποτα. Με μια τελείως δροσερή καρδιά, παραμένει ως μια μάζα υπερχειλίζουσας μακαριότητας.

Ο γιόγκι παραμένει σε κατάσταση ολοκλήρωσης, σαν τη φλόγα που δεν τρεμοπαίζει, έχοντας αποκηρύξει όλη την επιχειρηματολογία των ιερών κειμένων και έχοντας απαρνηθεί εντελώς ακόμα και τα κατεστημένα καθήκοντα της ζωής.

Αναπαυόμενος στα πέρατα των δασών και θεωρώντας ολόκληρο το σύμπαν (τόσο ασήμαντο) σαν ένα χορταράκι, ο γιόγκι γεμάτος λάσπη και στάχυα, ευχαριστιέται στην μυστική περιοχή που είναι πέρα από γερατειά και θάνατο.

Ο γιόγκι δε βλέπει τίποτα, ούτε μιλάει. Δεν ακούει καμία λέξη που λέγεται.
Παραμένει βυθισμένος σταθερά στο ασύλληπτο χώρο του, αμετακίνητος σαν κορμός δέντρου.

Ο μεγάλος ασκητής, που ξέρει την αλήθεια όλων των βεδών, περιπλανιέται σαν άσχετος χαζός,
απαρατήρητος, χωρίς καμία αίσθηση ετερότητας, βλέποντας μόνο τελειότητα παντού και σε όλα τα όντα.

Αγκαλιάζοντας την δεσποινίδα που ονομάζεται γαλήνη, μέσα στην μακαριότητα,
κοιμάται χρησιμοποιώντας τα χέρια του για μαξιλάρι, με τον ουρανό για κουβέρτα και με τη γη για κρεβάτι.

Στα εσωτερικά διαμερίσματα των ουπανισάδων, ο βασιλιάς των ασκητών, έχοντας αποκηρύξει όλες τις ιδέες του δυισμού, ευχαριστιέται στην παρέα των εράσμιων γυναικών της δικής του ατελείωτης γνώσης του Εαυτού.

Ο βασιλιάς ανάμεσα στους ασκητές, ευχαριστιέται στην παρέα της ελευθερίας, στις υψηλές επαύλεις της Αλήθειας, οι οποίες προσεγγίζονται μέσα από το μονοπάτι της αταραξίας.

Ο γνώστης του Εαυτού δέχεται τις σειρές κρίνων σε απόμερα μέρη ως ροζάριο,
δέχεται την απουσία επιθυμίας για γυναίκες ως το θεϊκό θεραπευτικό βοτάνι
και την απουσία εγωισμού ως το φάρμακο για την αθανασία.

Ο σοφός δεν απορρίπτει τίποτα, θεωρώντας το κακό. Ούτε δέχεται τίποτα, θεωρώντας το καλό.
Γνωρίζοντας πως όλα είναι προϊόντα της άγνοιας, παραμένει αμέτοχος.

Δεν αναλογίζεται καθόλου το παρελθόν, ούτε ενδιαφέρεται για το μέλλον.
Ούτε καν βλέπει αυτό που είναι μπροστά στα μάτια του, γιατί αυτός βλέπει μόνο την μακάρια ουσία όλων.

Ο καλύτερος των ασκητών, έχοντας υποτάξει όλα τα όργανα των αισθήσεων,
κι έχοντας καθαρίσει από όλα τα ίχνη της προσκόλλησης προς τα αντικείμενα των αισθήσεων, τριγυρνάει έχοντας πετύχει ασύγκριτη ικανοποίηση.

Ο βασιλιάς των ασκητών, αναπαύεται μόνος, εγκατεστημένος στον Εαυτό και διασκεδάζοντας με την έσω μακαριότητα. Δεν αρνείται τίποτα που τυχόν έρχεται σ' αυτόν και δεν επιθυμεί ποτέ αυτό που δεν του έρχεται.

Μόνος, ο σοφός παίζει όπως του αρέσει, ελεύθερος από κάθε δεσμό, έχοντας φθάσει στο επίπεδο της τελειότητας, το οποίο είναι αγνή και απεριόριστη γνώση και μακαριότητα.

Ο βασιλιάς όλων αυτών που έχουν απελευθερωθεί από τις επιθυμίες,
λάμπει υπέροχα, εξαρτώμενος από κανέναν, με τον νου του χαμένο μες στην Αλήθεια,
η οποία είναι πέρα από το σύμπαν των φαινομένων.

Ο υπέρτατος τύπος ασκητή (paramahamsa) λαμποκοπά, έχοντας φθάσει την μορφή της ατελείωτης Γνώσης και έχοντας χάσει κάθε αίσθηση ετερότητας χάρη στην ματιά του δασκάλου του.

Ο μεγάλος ασκητής υπερβαίνει όλους τους κανόνες, αποκηρύσσοντας όλες τις προτροπές και τις απαγορεύσεις, αφού παραμένει μόνο ως εσωτερική μακαριότητα.

Δεχόμενος τα αποτελέσματα του παρελθοντικού κάρμα, ο σοφός καταστρέφει κάθε κάρμα (από δω και πέρα), και έχοντας αποτινάξει του δεσμούς που τον έδεναν στο σώμα, γίνεται πραγματικά Brahman.

Ο αρχέγονος, γαλήνιος και απαράλλαχτος, χωρίς αρχή ή τέλος, πάντα παραμένει ως μια μάζα γνώσης και μακαριότητας και έχει τη φύση της καθαρής ύπαρξης.

Η υπέρτατη Αλήθεια, αθάνατη, αγέραστη, αγέννητη, εξόχως λεπτή, χωρίς αιτία και χωρίς καμία ανησυχία, υπάρχει ως καθαρή Γνώση.

Αυτή η Αλήθεια, που είναι η υπέρτατη μακαριότητα, αθάνατη και πάντα κοντά μας,
είναι η αντίπερα όχθη της samsara, και υπάρχει ως ατελείωτη, άφοβη και γαλήνια μακαριότητα.

Χωρίς καμία γεύση, μυρωδιά ή μορφή, ελεύθερο από καλοσύνη, κακία ή αδιαφορία,
το ασύγκριτο και άφοβο Brahman λαμποκοπά πάντα.

Έτσι, ευλογημένος με το βλέμμα του δασκάλου μου, έχω περιγράψει την ουσία του αληθινού νοήματος των ουπανισάδων σε αυτές τις στροφές.

Ο σοφός, που στοχάζεται κάθε μέρα πάνω σ' αυτές τις στροφές, που περιγράφουν την ακτινοβολία της γνώσης του Atman (Atmavidya), θα ωριμάσει μες στη σοφία του υπέρτατου Εαυτού και θα φθάσει μονομιάς την υπέρτατη Αλήθεια.

Σάββατο, 7 Μαρτίου 2015

Shiva Sahasranama (1000 Names of Shiva)

1 Om Sthirayai Nama Salutations to Him who is perennial
2 Om Sthanave nama who is the axis of the world
3 Om Prabhave nama Who is the lord of all the world
4 Om Bheemayai nama Who is the source of fear
5 Om Pravarayai nama Who is very special
6 Om Varadayai nama Who gives boons
7 Om Varaayai nama Who spreads everything and make them invisible
8 Om Sarvaathmane nama Who is the soul of every being
9 Om Sarva vikhyathayai nama Who is famous everywhere
10 Om Sarvasmai nama Who is spread in everything
11 Om Sarvakarayai nama Who does everything
12 Om Bhavayai nama Who is the source of everything
13 Om Jatine nama Who has matted hair
14 Om Charmine nama Who dresses himself in hides (tiger, elephant)
15 Om Shikhandine nama Who has hair flowing like the peacock’s feather
16 Om Sarvaangaaya nama Who has all the world as his organs
17 Om Sarvabhavanaayai nama Who creates and looks after everything
18 Om Haraya nama Who destroys everything at time of deluge
19 Om Harinaakshaayai nama Who has deer like eyes
20 Om Sarvabhoothaharayai nama Who destroys all beings which exist
21 Om Prabhave nama Who enjoys everything
22 Om Pravruthaye nama Who is the form of work
23 Om Nivruthaye nama Who is the form of total sacrifice
24 Om Niyathaya nama Who is a sage who has won over his senses
25 Om Saswathaya nama Who is permanent
26 Om Druvaya nama Who is stable
27 Om Smasana vasinee nama Who lives in the cremation ground
28 Om Bhagawathe nama Who is the source of wealth, charity, fame, renunciation and salvation
29 Om Khacharaya nama Who travels in the sky
30 Om Ghocharaya nama Who can be felt only by senses
31 Om Ardhanayai nama Who catches bad people
32 Om Abhivadyaya nama Who is fit to be saluted
33 Om Mahakarmane nama Who does great actions
34 Om Thapasvine nama Who is a sage doing meditation
35 Om Bhooha bhavanayai nama Who creates the five great bhoothas (elements) viz. sky, earth, fire, air and wind
36 Om unmatha vesha prachannayai nama Who hides himself as a mad being
37 Om sarva loka prajapathae nama Who is the lord of all beings of all worlds
38 Om Maharoopayai nama Who has a very big form
39 Om Mahakayayai nama Who has the whole universe as his body
40 Om Vrusha roopayai nama Who has also the form of a bull
41 Om Mahayasase nama Who has great fame
42 Om Mahatmane nama Who has a very great mind
43 Om Sarva Bhoothathmane nama Who is the soul of all beings nama
44 Om Viswa roopayai nama Who is seen everywhere
45 Om Mahahanave nama Who has very big jaw bones (he can swallow the whole world)
46 Om Loka palaya nama Who is of the form of those who protect the earth like Indra
47 Om Anthar hithathmane nama One who has properties which within him and not visible
48 Om prasadaya nama Who has the form of love
49 Om Hayagardhabhaye nama Who travels in the chariot drawn by zebras
50 Om Pavithraya nama Who saves us from thunder of worldly life
51 Om Mahathe nama Who is fit to be worshipped
52 Om Niyamaya nama Who is of the form of rules of life
53 Om Niyamasrithaya nama Who is the refuge to those who follow rules of life
54 Om Sarva karmane nama Who does all actions
55 Om Swayambhoothaya nama Who was created by himself
56 Om Adhaye nama Who is most ancient-Who is first among beings
57 Om Aadhikaraya nama Who created Lord Brahma
58 Om Nidhaye nama Who is a treasure
59 Om Sahasrakshata nama Who has thousand eyes
60 Om Visalakshaya nama Who has very broad eyes
61 Om Somaya nama Who is with Uma
62 Om Nakshatra sadhakayai nama Who created the stars
63 Om Chandraya nama Who has the form of moon
64 Om Sooryaya nama Who has the form of the Sun
65 Om Sanaya nama Who has the form of Saturn
66 Om Kethave nama Who has the form of Kethu
67 Om Grahaya nama Who has the form of planets
68 Om Graha pathaye nama Who is the lord of all planets
69 Om Varaaya nama Who is the best
70 Om Athraye nama Who is form of Mercury bon in Athri clan
71 Om Adryaa namaskarthre nama Who saluted Anasooya , the wife of Sage Athri
72 Om Mruga banarpanayai nama Who sent arrow against the deer sent by sages of Daruka forest
73 Om Anagaya nama Who cannot be neared by sins
74 Om Mahathapse nama Who has great penance(Thapas)
75 Om Gorathapase nama Who does terrible penance during time of deluge
76 Om Adheenaya nama Who is not poor though he looks like it
77 Om Dheena sadhakayai nama Who fulfills desires of poor people
78 Om Samvathsarakaraya nama Who makes the wheel of time to rotate
79 Om Manthraya Nama Who is of the form of Sacred chants like “Om”
80 Om Pramanaya nama Who is the source of intuition
81 Om Pramaya thapase nama Who himself is the great penance
82 Om Yogine nama Who in a great Yogi
83 Om yojyaya nama Who can be reached by Yoga
84 Om Maha Bheejaya nama Who is the prime root of everything
85 Om Maha Rethase Nama Who makes soul which is his shadow enter the beings
86 Om Mahabalaya nama Who has great strength
87 Om Swarna rethase nama Who has gold like seeds
88 Om Sarvagnaya nama Who knows everything
89 Om Subheejaya nama Who is a good seed
90 Om Bheeja vahanayai nama Who rides on the seed
91 Om dasa bahave nama Who has ten hands
92 Om Animishaya nama Who does not blink his eyes
93 Om Neelakandaya nama Who has a blue neck
94 Om Umapathaye nama Who is the consort of Uma
95 Om Viswa roopaya nama Who is all the known forms
96 Om Swayam sreshtaya nama Who is himself great
97 Om Bala veeraya nama Who destroys his enemies by his prowess
98 Om Abhaloganaya nama Who organizes and activates the Pancha bhoothas
99 Om Gana karthre nama Who creates the ganas
100 Om Ganapathaye nama Who is the leader of the ganas
101 Om Digvasase nama Who wears the directions as cloth
102 Om Kaamaya nama Who is liked by all
103 Om Manthravidhe nama Who is an expert in mantras
104 Om Paramaya manthraya nama Who is personification of philosophical truth.
105 Om Sarva Bhavakaraaya nama Who is the producer of all emotions.
106 Om Haraaya nama Who is the stealer of our hearts.
107 Om Kamandaludaraaya nama Who has with him the pitcher(Carried by sages)
108 Om Dhanvine nama Who carries a bow
109 Om Banahasthaya nama Who carries an arrow in his hand
110 Om Kapalavathe nama Who carries the skull of Brahma with him
111 Om asanaye nama Who carries the Vajrayudha
112 Om sadagnine nama Who carries the Shakthi weapon
113 Om Gadgine nama Who carries the sword with him
114 Om Pattissine nama Who carries the knife called Patteesi
115 Om Ayudhine nama Who carries all types of weapons
116 Om Mahathe nama Who is great
117 Om sthruvahasthaya nama Who carries the ladle used in fire sacrifice called Sthruva
118 Om Surupaya nama Who is handsome
119 Om Thejase nama Who shines like light
120 Om theskaraaya nidhaye nama Who is like the treasure giving light to devotees
121 Om Ushneeshine nama Who wears a turban
122 Om Suvakthraya nama Who has a good face
123 Om Udagraya nama Who has a stable form
124 Om Vinathaya nama Who is humble
125 Om Deerghaya nama Who is very tall
126 Om Harikesaya nama Who has black hair turned to gray
127 Om Sutheerthaya nama Who is of the form of a great teacher
128 Om Krishnaaya nama Who is ever happy
129 Om Srugala roopaya nama Who has assumed the form of a jackal
130 Om Siddharthaya nama Who his at the acme of occult powers
131 Om Mundaya nama Who is of the form of an ascetic
132 Om Sarvashubamkaraya nama Who grants all good things
133 Om Ajaya nama Who does not have birth
134 Om Bahuroopaya nama Who assumes many forms
135 Om Ganda darine nama Who wears sandal paste
136 Om Kapardhine nama Who has matted hair
137 Om Oordhwarethase nama Who has won over passion
138 Om Oordhwa lingaya nama Who has linga which looks up
139 Om Oordhwasayine nama Who sleeps facing upwards
140 Om Nabha sthalaya nama Who has a place in the sky
141 Om Trijadine nama Who has a three fold pigtail
142 Om Cheeravasase nama Who wears the hide of trees
143 Om Rudraya nama Who removes sorrows
144 Om Senapathaye nama Who is the commander of the army
145 Om Vibhave nama Who assumes variety of forms
146 Om Ahacharaya nama Who is of the form of devas traveling by day time
147 Om Nakthancharaya nama Who is of the form of devas who move at night
148 Om Thigma manyava nama Who has very great anger
149 Om Suvarchasaya nama Who has the resplendent light of knowledge
150 Om Gajagne nama Who killed the Asura who took the form of an elephant
151 Om Daithyagne nama Who killed Rakshasas
152 Om Kaalaya nama Who is of the form of time
153 Om Loka dathre nama Who rules over this world
154 Om Gunaakaraya nama Who is the store house of good qualities
155 Om Simha sardhoola roopaya nama Who is of the form of tiger and lion
156 Om Ardhra charmambaraavruthaya nama Who uses the blood soaked elephant hide to cover himself
157 Om Kaala yoginee nama Who through Yogic practices have won over time
158 Om Maha naadaya nama Who is personification of the great sound
159 Om Sarva kaamaya nama Who is the personification of all desires
160 Om Chathush padaya nama Who can be worshipped in four ways(Viz Charya(chant), Kriya(act), Yoga and Jnana) or Who can be worshiped as Viswa, Thaijasa, Pragna and Shiva.
161 Om Nisa charaya nama Who moves even at night
162 Om Prethacharine nama Who travels with dead bodies
163 Om Bhootha charine nama Who travels with Bhoothas( Five elements/evil spirits)
164 Om maheswaraya nama Who is the greatest God
165 Om Bahoo bhoothaya nama Who also has the form of strength
166 Om Bahoodaraya nama Who carries this great Universe
167 Om Swarbhanave nama Who shines like a Sun by his own light or Who is of the form of planet Rahu
168 Om Amithaya nama Who is beyond measurement
169 Om Gathaye nama Who is the destination to reach
170 Om Nruthya priyaya nama Who likes dancing
171 Om Nithya narthaya nama Who dances always
172 Om Narthakaaya nama Who is the dancer or who makes everything dance
173 Om Sarva laalasaya nama Who likes every one
174 Om Ghoraaya nama Who has a terrible form
175 Om Maha thapase nama Who is the great penance
176 Om Pasaaya nama Who ties every one with the rope of illusion
177 Om Nithyaya nama Who is perennial
178 Om Giri ruhaya nama Who lives on the mountain
179 Om Nabhase nama Who is unattached like the sky
180 Om Sahasra hasthaya nama Who has thousands of hands
181 Om Vijayaya nama Who is of the form of victory
182 Om Vyavasayaya nama Who is industrious or Who is of the form of definite action
183 Om Athandrithaya nama Who is not lazy
184 Om Adarshanaya nama Who is unshakable
185 Om Darshanathmane nama Who is the soul of fear for others
186 Om Yagnagne nama Who destroys fire sacrifice done with egoism
187 Om Kama nasakaya nama Who killed the God of love
188 Om Daksha Yagaapahaarine nama Who destroyed the fire sacrifice of Daksha
189 Om Susahaya nama Who is greatly patient
190 Om Madhyamaya nama Who is unbiased
191 Om Thejopahaarine nama Who steals the strength of others
192 Om Balagne nama Who kills those bloated by strength
193 Om Mudhithaya nama Who is always happy
194 Om Arthaya nama Who is liked by everyone
195 Om Ajithaya nama Who cannot be defeated by any one
196 Om Avaraya nama Who does not have any one above him
197 Om Gambheera ghoshaya nama Who produces great sound
198 Om Gambheeraya nama Who is beyond the intellect
199 Om Gambheera bala vahanaay nama Who rides on a bull which cannot be shaken by others
200 Om Nyagrodha roopaya nama Who is of the form of the tree of day to day life which grows downwards
201 Om Nyagrodhaya nama Who assumes the form of Dakshinamurthy, under a banyan tree
202 Om Vruksha karma sthithaye nama Who is on the top of the ear like leaf of the tree during deluge
203 Om Vibhave nama Who is the favorite God for all
204 Om Sutheeshna dasanaya nama Who has very sharp teeth
205 Om Maha kayaya nama Who has a very big body
206 Om Mahananaya nama Who has a very big face
207 Om Vishvak senaya nama Who scatters the Asura army in to different directions
208 Om Haraye nama Who destroys everything
209 Om Yagnaya nama Who is the personification of fire sacrifice
210 Om Samyuga peeda vahanaya nama Who has the bull as the flag as well as stride
211 Om Theeshna Thaapaya nama Who is of the form of burning fire
212 Om Haryaswaya nama Who is the form of Sun who has green horses
213 Om Sahaayaya nama Who is the help for the life
214 Om Karma kala vidhe nama Who knows the proper time to perform duties
215 Om Vishnu prasadithaya nama Who has been pleased by the devotion of Vishnu
216 Om Yagnaya nama Who is of the form of Vishnu
217 Om Samudhraya nama Who is of the form of ocean
218 Om Badavamukhaya nama Who is the form of fire which dries water
219 Om Huthasana sahayaya nama Who is the form of wind
220 Om Prasanthathmane nama Who is as peaceful as an ocean after tide
221 Om Huthasanaya nama Who is of the form of fire
222 Om Ugra thejase nama Who is having terrific power of a flame
223 Om Maha thejase nama Who is having great light and shining
224 Om Janyaya nama Who is very able in war
225 Om Vijaya kala vidhe nama Who knows the time for victory
226 Om Jyothishamayanaya nama Who is of the form of astrology
227 Om Siddhaye nama Who is of the form of proper completion
228 Om Sarva Vigrahaya nama Who makes every thing as his body
229 Om Shikhine nama Who has a well grown hair
230 Om Mundine nama Who is the form of clean shaven sage
231 Om Jadine nama Who has a matted lock
232 Om Jwaline nama Who is of the form of a flame
233 Om Moorthijaya nama Who appears in the form of man and animals
234 Om Moordhajaya nama Who is on the head
235 Om Baline nama Who is strong
236 Om Vainavine nama Who has a flute in his hand
237 Om Panavine nama Who has a shaking drum in his hand
238 Om Thaline nama Who has metallic cymbals in his hand
239 Om Khaline nama Who is the owner of a paddy store
240 Om Kalakatamkataya nama Who is the gate for the gate of god of death who is of the form of time.
241 Om Nakshatr vigraha mathaye nama Who has a body and intellect which shines like stars
242 Om Guna budhaye nama Who knows/measures qualities
243 Om Layaya nama Who is the source where everything merges in the end.
244 Om Agamaya nama Who does not have any movement
245 Om Prajapathaye nama Who is the God of the people
246 Om Viswabahave nama Who has arms everywhere
247 OM Vibhagaya nama Who cannot be divided
248 Om Sarvagaya nama Who is every where
249 Om Amugaya nama Who is faceless/Who is not interested in enjoyments
250 Om Vimochanaya nama Who grants salvation
251 Om Susaranaya nama Who can be attained easily
252 Om Hiranyakavachodbhavaya nama Who appears with a golden apparel
253 Om Medrajaya nama Who arises from the linga
254 Om Balacharine nama Who moves about with a strong army
255 Om Mahee charine nama Who travels throughout earth
256 Om Sruthaya nama Who is spread everywhere
257 Om Sarva thooryavinodhine nama Who enjoys all types of instrumental music
258 Om Sarvathodhya parigrahaya nama Who considers all beings as his family
259 Om Vyalaroopaya nama Who is of the form of serpent in Adhisesha
260 Om Guhaavasinee nama Who lives in the cave of one’s mind.
261 Om Guhaaya nama Who is of the form of Lord Subrahmanya
262 Om Maline nama Who wears a garland
263 Om Tharangavidhe nama Who has the waves of creation, upkeep and destruction.
264 Om Tridasaya nama Who is the source of birth, life and death of all beings.
265 Om Trikaladruthe nama Who wears the three periods-past, present and future.
266 Om Karma sarva bhanda vimochanaya nama Who cuts of the ties of Karma
267 Om Asurendranaam bandanaya nama Who is the reason for imprisonment of kings of asuras
268 Om Yudhi shathru vinasanaya nama Who kills enemies in war.
269 Om Sankhya prasadaaya nama Who gets pleased by the discussion of Sankhya philosophy
270 Om Durvasase nama Who took the form of sage Durvasa
271 Om Sarva sadhu nishevithaya nama Who is served by all good people
272 Om Prasakandanaya nama Who makes all others slip-at time of deluge all others die
273 Om Vibhagagnaya nama Who is an expert in giving boons/punishments according to their deeds
274 Om Athulyaya nama Who is incomparable
275 Om Yagna Vibhaga vidhe nama Who is an expert in giving the share of each in the fire sacrifice
276 Om Sarva vasaya nama Who is everywhere
277 Om Sarvacharine nama Who travels everywhere
278 Om Durvasase nama Who cannot be clothed because he is everywhere
279 Om Vasavaaya nama Who is in the form of Indra
280 Om Amaraya nama Who does not have death
281 Om Haimaya nama Who is of the colour of Gold
282 Om Hemakaraaya nama Who makes gold
283 Om Nishkarmaaya nama Who does not do any work
284 Om Sarva dharine nama Who wears /carries every thing
285 Om Darothamaya nama Who is the greatest among those who carry
286 Om Lohithakshaya nama Who has red eyes
287 Om Mahakshaya nama Who has senses which are spread everywhere
288 Om Vijayaakshaya nama Who has a chariot which wins everybody
289 Om Visaaradhaya nama Who knows everything
290 Om Sangrahaya nama Who recognizes devotees
291 Om Nigrahaya nama Who punishes bad people
292 Om Karthre nama Who creates and looks after everybody
293 Om Sarpacheera nivasanaya nama Who ties a serpent over his apparel
294 Om Mukhyaya nama Who is the chief
295 OmAmukhyaya nama Who does not have a chief
296 Om Dehaya nama Who is of the form of the body
297 Om Kahalaye nama Who has a drum called “Kahala”
298 Om Sarva kamadhaya nama Who fulfills all desires of his devotees
299 Om Sarvakala prasadaya nama Who showers his grace at all times
300 Om Subalaya nama Who has the strength that serves others
301 Om Bala roopa druthe nama Who is strong as well as handsome
302 Om Sarva kama varaya nama Who is the best among all gods whom we desire
303 Om Sarvadaya nama Who gives everything
304 Om Sarvathomukhaya nama Who has faces everywhere
305 Om aakasanirviroopaya nama Who makes several forms from the sky like himself
306 Om Nibhadine nama Who appears to have entered our body and fallen there
307 Om Avasaya nama Who cannot be under the control of anybody
308 Om Khagaya nama Who is like the bird which is always with the tree of life
309 Om Roudra roopaya nama Who has a very angry appearance
310 Om Amsave nama Who is of the form of the ray of light
311 Om Adithya nama Who is of the form of the Sun
312 Om Bahurasmaye nama Who has several rays of light
313 Om Suvarchisine nama Who has pretty rays
314 Om Vasu vegaya nama Who has the speed of wind
315 Om Maha vegaya nama Who has very great speed
316 Om Manovegaya nama Who has the speed of the mind
317 Om Nisacharaya nama Who travels at night
318 Om Sarva vasine nama Who resides in everything
319 Om Sriyavasine nama Who lives in Srividya
320 Om Upadesakaraya nama Who gives counsels/Who teaches
321 Om Akaraya nama Who does not do anything
322 Om Munaye nama Who is the sage
323 Om Athma niralokaya nama Who sees carefully each Jeevathma
324 Om Sambhagnaya nama Who is being depended on by everybody
325 Om Sahasradaya nama Who gives in thousands and thousands
326 Om Pakshine nama Who is Garuda, the best among the birds
327 Om Paksha roopaya nama Who helps in the form of our friends
328 Om Athideepthaya nama Who is having great brilliance
329 Om Visampthaye nama Who is the lord of the citizens
330 Om Unmadaya nama Who makes us develop mad devotion
331 Om Madanaya nama Who gives us immense happiness
332 Om Kamaya nama Who Is liked by everybody
333 Om Aswathaya nama Who is in the form of a banyan tree
334 Om Arthakaraya nama Who gives what is desired
335 Om Yasase nama Who blesses his devotees with fame
336 Om Vamadevaya nama Who gives the prize deserved according to ones actions
337 Om Vamaaya nama Who is very handsome
338 Om Prache nama Who is before everybody
339 Om DAkshinaya nama Who is capable of ruling all the three worlds
340 Om Vamanaya nama Who came in form of Vamana, an avathara of Vishnu
341 Om Siddha yogine nama Who is a great Yogi who is also a Sidha
342 Om Maharshaye nama Who is the greatest among sages
343 Om Sidharthaya nama Who is the perfect one who has everything
344 Om Sidha sadhakaya nama Who grants the desires of Sidhas
345 Om Bikshave nama Who is of the form of one who eats what he gets as alms
346 Om Bikshu roopaya nama Who looks like a beggar
347 Om Vipanaya nama Who does not specify a price
348 Om Mrudhave nama Who has a very soft heart
349 Om Avyayaya nama Who is consistent
350 Om Maha senaya nama Who has a great army
351 Om Vishakhaya nama Who is of the form of Lord Subrahamanya
352 Om SashtiBagaya nama Who has sixty parts (Refer Mandukya Upanishad)
353 Om Gavampathaye nama Who makes the sensory organs function
354 Om Vajrahasthaya nama Who holds the Vajrayudha in his hand
355 Om Vishkambhine nama Who is spread everywhere
356 Om Chamusthambhanaya nama Who paralyses the enemy army
357 Om Vruthavruthakaraya nama Who circles the enemy in his chariot and who returns back after defeating them without wounds
358 Om Thalaya nama Who knows the bottom of the ocean of day today life
359 Om Madhave nama Who is of the form of spring season
360 Om Madhukalochanaya nama Who has honey like eyes with red colour
361 Om Vachaspathyaya nama Who is of the form of Brahaspathi, the teacher of devas
362 Om Vajasanaya nama Who made the Vajasena branch of Vedas in the form of Sun
363 Om Nithyamasritha poojithaya nama Who is daily being worshipped by his devotees
364 Om Brahmacharine nama Who is one with Brahmam
365 Om Loka charine nama Who travels between the worlds
366 Om sarva charine nama Who travels everywhere
367 Om Vichara vidhe nama Who knows enquiry of truth
368 Om Ishanaya nama Who conducts everything with attention
369 Om Ishwaraya nama Who spreads everything
370 Om Kaalaya nama Who judges the sins and good actions over time
371 Om Nisha charine nama Who travels on the night of deluge
372 Om Pinaka bruthe nama Who holds the bow called Pinaka
373 Om Nimithasthata nama Who resides in causes
374 Om Nimithaya nama Who is the cause
375 Om Nandaye nama Who is the treasure house of knowledge
376 Om Nandikaraya nama Who gives wealth
377 Om Haraye nama Who is Anjaneya in the form of monkeys
378 Om Nandeeswaraya nama Who is the Lord of the Nandi
379 Om Nandine nama Who has also been called the Nandi
380 Om Nandanaya nama Who makes us happy
381 Om Nandi vardhanaya nama Who increases happiness of devotees/Who destroys the wealth of his enemies
382 Om Bhaga haarine nama Who steals the wealth and fame
383 Om Nihanthre nama Who takes away life in the form of Lord Yama
384 Om Kaalaya nama Who is the seat of arts
385 Om Brahmane nama Who is very great
386 Om Pithamahaya nama Who is the father of father(Who created Lord Vishnu)
387 Om Chathurmukhaya nama Who has four faces when he takes the form of Brahma
388 Om Mahalingaya nama Who is the great Linga
389 Om Charu lingaya nama Who is pretty
390 Om Lingadhyakshaya nama Who presides over in the form of Linga
391 Om Suradhyakshaya nama Who is the Lord of all devas
392 Om Yogadhyakshaya nama Who is the lord of all Yogas
393 Om Yuga vahaya nama Who creates Yugas(long periods of time)
394 Om Bheejadyakshaya nama Who is the Lord of the root cause(nature)
395 Om Bheejakarthre nama Who makes nature function
396 Om Adhyathmanugathaya nama Who follows the tenets of the Adhyatma shastras
397 Om Balaya nama Who has strength
398 Om Ithihasya nama Who is the form of epics
399 Om Sakalpaya nama Who is in the form of Kalpa shastras
400 Om Gowthama nama Who is in the form of sage Gowthama
401 Om Nishakaraya nama Who created darkness
402 Om Dhambaya nama Who controls his enemies
403 Om Adhambhaya nama Who cannot be controlled by others
404 Om Vaidhambhaya nama Who is dear to those who are not proud
405 Om Vasyaya nama Who can be controlled by devotion
406 Om Vasakaraya nama Who makes all others his
407 Om Kalaye nama Who is of the form of war between asuras and devas
408 Om Loka karthre nama Who has created the worlds
409 Om Pasupathaye nama Who is the Lord of all beings(animals)
410 Om Maha karthre nama Who created the five bhoothas
411 Om Anoushadhaya nama Who does not eat food (he is satisfied by seeing it)
412 Om Aksharaya nama Who does not have decay
413 Om Paramaya Brahmane nama Who is the incomparable Brahman
414 Om Bhalavathe nama Who is of the form of devas who control strength 
415 Om Chakraya nama Who created strength
416 Om Neethyai nama Who is the law
417 Om Aneethyai nama Who cannot be ruled by others
418 Om Shuddhathmane nama Who is having a very clean mind
419 Om Shudhaya nama Who is clean
420 Om Maanyaya nama Who is fit to be worshipped
421 Om Gathagathaya nama Who appears and vanishes
422 Om Bahu prasadaya nama Who is greatly pleased
423 Om Suswapnaya nama Who is Thaijasa who controls dreams
424 Om Darpanaya nama Who is like a mirror
425 Om Amithrajithe nama Who has won over internal and external enemies
426 Om Vedakaraya nama Who created Vedas
427 Om Mathrakaraya nama Who created mantras
428 Om Vidhushe nama Who is an expert in all arts
429 Om Samarthanaya nama Who destroys enemies in war
430 Om Maha megha nivasine nama Who resides in the clouds at the time of deluge
431 Om Mahagoraya nama Who is of a very fearful form
432 Om Vasine nama Who keeps everything under his custody
433 Om Karaya nama Who destroys
434 Om Agnijwalaya nama Who is like the flame of the fire
435 Om Mahajwalaya nama Who has the light of a great flame
436 Om Athidhoomraya nama Who creates lot of smoke as he burns everything
437 Om Huthaya nama Who is satisfied by everybody in the fire sacrifice
438 Om Havishe nama Who is the offering in the fire sacrifice
439 Om Vrushanaya nama Who showers boons/punishment for our actions
440 Om Sankaraya nama Who gives us pleasure
441 Om Nithyamvarchaswine nama Who is always resplendent
442 Om Dhoomakethanaya nama Who is the fire which produces smoke
443 Om Neelaya nama Who is blue
444 Om Angalubhdhaya nama Who is present in a part of his body
445 Om Shobhanaya nama Who is of the form which is always good
446 Om Niravagrahaya nama Who does not have anything to stop him
447 Om Swasthithaya nama Who is in Himself
448 Om Swasthibhavaya nama Who has a great place of stay
449 Om Bhagine nama Who has share in the fire sacrifice
450 Om Bhagakaraya nama Who gives the shares to other devas in the fire sacrifice 
451 Om Laghave nama Who easily showers his grace
452 Om Uthsangaya nama Who is not attached
453 Om Mahaangaya nama Who is in the form of big Linga(body)
454 Om Mahagarbhaparaayanaya nama Who carries in his belly the entire world during deluge
455 Om Krishnavarnaya nama Who is black in colour
456 Om Suvarnaya nama Who is of the golden colour
457 Om Sarva dehinaam indriyaya nama Who is the sensory organs of all animals
458 Om Maha padaya nama Who has a very big feet
459 Om Maha hasthata nama Who has very big hands
460 Om Maha kayaya nama Who has a very big body
461 Om Maha yasase nama Who has a very great fame
462 Om Maha Moordhne nama Who has a very big head
463 Om Maha maathraya nama Who has a very big measure
464 Om Maha Nethraya nama Who as very big eyes
465 Om Nisalayaya nama Who is the place where darkness(ignorance) hides
466 Om Mahanthakaya nama Who is the God of death to the god of death
467 Om Maha karnaya nama Who has very big ears
468 Om Mahoshtaaya nama Who has very big lips
469 Om Maha hanave nama Who has very big jaws
470 Om Maha nasaya nama Who has very big nose
471 Om Maha khambhave nama Who has very big neck
472 Om Maha greevaya nama Who has very big head
473 Om Smasanabhaaje nama Who lives in the cremation ground
474 Om Maha vaksase nama Who has a very big chest
475 Om Mahoraskaya nama Who has a very wide chest
476 Om Antharathmane nama Who is the soul within
477 Om Mrugalayaya nama Who keeps deer with him
478 Om Lambanaya nama Who keeps several universes hanging on him like a fruit hangs on a tree
479 Om Labhidoshtaya nama Who has hanging lips during deluge
480 Om Mahamayaya nama Who has very great illusions
481 Om Payonidhaye nama Who is the ocean of milk
482 Om Maha Danthaya nama Who has very big teeth
483 Om Maha damshtraya nama Who has very big incisor teeth
484 Om Mahe jihwaya nama Who has a very big toungue
485 Om Maha Mukhata nama Who has a very big mouth
486 Om Maha Nakhaya nama Who has a very big nails
487 Om Maha romaya nama Who has very big hair
488 Om Maha kesaya nama Who has long hairs in his tuft
489 Om Maha Jadaya nama Who has bid matted locks
490 Om Prasannaya nama Who has pity towards his devotees
491 Om Prasadaya nama Who is personification of love and grace
492 Om Prathyaya nama Who is wisdom itself
493 Om Giri Sadhanaya nama Who uses the Meru mountain as bow
494 Om Snehanaya nama Who is like friend to his devotees
495 Om Asnehanaya nama Who is detached
496 Om Ajithaya nama Who cannot be defeated
497 Om Mahamunaye nama Who is a very great sage who is silent and devout
498 Om Vrukshakaraya nama Who is of the form of the tree of life
499 Om Vruksha kethave nama Who has a flag of a tree
500 Om Analaya nama Who never gets satisfied
501 Om Vayu vahanaya nama Who makes the wind blow
502 Om Gandaline nama Who lives on the hilly terrain
503 Om Meru damne nama Who lives on Mount Meru
504 Om Devadithipathaye nama Who is the Lord of Devas
505 Om Atharva seershaya nama Who has Atharva Veda as head
506 Om Samaasyaya nama Who has Sama veda as face
507 Om Riksaharamithekshanaya nama Who has thousands of Rik Veda mantras as eyes
508 Om Yaju pada bhujaya nama Who has Yajurveda as hands and legs
509 Om Guhyaya nama Who is the Upanishads with secret meanings
510 Om Prakasaya nama Who is the Karma Kanda which shines
511 Om Jangamaya nama Who travels everywhere
512 Om Amogharthaya nama Who is the God to whom prayers are never unanswered
513 Om Prasadaya nama Who is very kind hearted
514 Om Abhigamyaya nama Who can be attained easily
515 Om Sudarsanaya nama Who has a very beneficial look
516 Om Upakaraya nama Who does help
517 Om Priyaya nama Who is dear to everybody
518 Om Sarvaya nama Who comes facing us
519 Om Kanakaya nama Who is gold
520 Om Kanchancchavaye nama Who is of golden colour
521 Om Nabhaye nama Who is the support to the world
522 Om Nandikaraya nama Who grants happiness
523 Om Bhavaya nama Who is of the form of attention
524 Om Pushkara sthapathaye nama Who created the lotus like universe
525 Om Sthiraya nama Who is as stable as a mountain
526 Om Dwadasaya nama Who is the twelfth stage called salvation
527 Om Thrasanaya nama Who makes us afraid
528 Om Adhyaya nama Who came even before the world
529 Om Yagnaya nama Who is the sacrifice which unites soul and God
530 Om Yagna samahithaya nama Who can be attained by conducting sacrifices
531 Om Naktham nama Who is night
532 Om Kalaye nama Who is the Kama and Krodha which lead to great passion
533 Om Kaalaya nama Who creates the life of birth and death over time
534 Om Makaraya nama Who resides in the Shimsumara chakra which is of crocodile shape
535 Om Kala poojithaya nama Who is being worshipped by Kala-the god of death
536 Om Saganaya nama Who is with various Ganas
537 Om Ganakaraya nama Who made Asuras as his servants
538 Om Bhootha vahana sarathaye nama Whose Charioteer is Brahma who leas the ganas
539 Om Basmachayaya nama Who exists in Vibhoothi-the sacred ash
540 Om Basma gopthre nama Who protects the world using sacred ash
541 Om Basmabhoothaya nama Who himself is the form of sacred ash
542 Om Tharave nama Who is of the form of a tree(Wish giving tree)
543 Om Ganaya nam Who is of the form of Ganas
544 Om Loka palaya nama Who is the protector of the world
545 Om Alokaya nama Who is beyond the worlds
546 Om Mahathmane nama Who is the great soul which is everywhere
547 Om Sarva poojithaya nama Who is being worshipped by everybody
548 Om Shuklaya nama Who is white in colour
549 Om Trishuklaya nama Who has a white(clear) mind, words and body
550 Om Sampannaya nama Who is filled up everywhere
551 Om Suchaye nama Who is very clean
552 Om Bhootha nishevithaya nama Who is being worshipped by teachers of yore
553 Om Ashramasthaya nama Who is God of the four different Ashramas(Stages in life)
554 Om Kriya vasthaya nama Who is in rituals like yaga
555 Om Viswa karma mathaye nama Who understands all actions of the world
556 Om Varaaya nama Who is liked by everybody(Who is chosen by everybody)
557 Om Vishala shakaya nama Who has long hands/Who has wide branches
558 Om Thamroshtaya nama Who has red lips
559 Om Ambhujalaya nama Who is in sea in the form of water
560 Om Sunischalaya nama Who has a form which is totally stable
561 Om Kapilaya nama Who is reddish blue fire
562 Om Kapichaya nama Who is golden in colour
563 Om Shuklaya nama Who is white coloured and wears white ash
564 Om Ayushe nama Who is the soul
565 Om Parya nama Who is earlier than the earliest
566 Om Aparaya nama Who is behind everyone
567 Om Gandharwaya nama Who is of the form of celestial beings called Gandharwas
568 Om Adithaye nama Who is the God mother called Adithi
569 Om Tharkshyaya nama Who is of the form of Garuda among birds
570 Om Suvigneyaya nama Who can be easily attained
571 Om Susaradaya nama Who has sweet speech
572 Om Parasvayudhaya nama Who holds Axe as a weapon
573 Om Devya nama Who has wish to win
574 Om Anukarine nama Who obeys the wishes of devotees
575 Om Subandhavaya nama Who is a good relation
576 Om Thumbhaveenaya nama Who has a lyre(veena) made out of two bottle gourds-This is called the Rudra Veena
577 Om Maha krodhaya nama Who is very angry at the time of destruction
578 Om Urdhwarethase nama Who has the greatest gods like Brhama and Vishnu as subjects
579 Om Jalesayaya nama Who sleeps on water in the form of Vishnu
580 Om Ugraya nama Who swallows everything at the time of deluge
581 Om Vasankaraya nama Who makes everything as his
582 Om Vamsaya nama Who is the flute
583 Om Vamsa nadhaya nama Who is the sweet music of the flute
584 Om Anindhidhaya nama Who is blameless
585 Om SArvanga roopaya nama Who is pretty I all his body parts
586 Om mayavine nama Who creates the world by illusion
587 Om Suhrudhaya nama Who has a good heart
588 Om Anilaya nama Who is of the form of wind
589 Om Analaya nama Who is of the form of fire
590 Om Bandhanaya nama Who is the chord binding life
591 Om Bandhakarthre nama Who ties us to the day to day life
592 Om Subandhana vimochanaya nama Who releases us from the ties of life
593 Om Sayagnaraye nama Who is with Asuras who are enemies of Yagna
594 Om Sakamaraye nama Who is with Yogis who have conquered passion
595 Om Maha Damshtraya nama Who has ling incisor teeth
596 Om Mahayudhaya nama Who has great weapons
597 Om Bahudha nindithaya nama Who has been insulted in several ways
598 Om Sarvaya nama Who troubles people who insult him
599 Om Sankaraya nama Who grants pleasure
600 Om Sankaraya nama Who destroys doubts
601 Om Adanaya nama Who does not have wealth
602 Om Amaresaya nama Who is the God of devas
603 Om Maha devaya nama Who is the greatest god
604 Om Viswa devaya nama Who is the God of the universe
605 Om Surarigne nama Who kills enemies f devas
606 Om Ahirbudhnyaya nama Who is of the form of Adhi Sesha
607 Om Anilabhaya nama Who is like wind (Who cannot be seen, but understood)
608 Om Chekithanaya nama Who knows everything fully well
609 Om Havishe nama Who is the Cooked rice offered to God
610 Om Ajaikapadhe nama Who is the one among the eleven Rudras
611 Om Kapaline nama Who is the lord of Universe (called Kapala)
612 Om Trisankave nama Who is the axis for the three qualities of Sathva, Rajas and Thamas
613 Om Ajithaya nam Who cannot be won by the three qualities
614 Om Shivaya nama Who is the purest under any condition
615 Om Danvantharye nama Who is the doctor for all diseases
616 Om Dhooma kethave nama Who is in the form of comet
617 Om Skandaya nama Who is of the form of Lord Subrahmanya
618 Om Vaisravanaya nama Who is in the form of Khubera
619 Om Dhathre nama Who is in the form of Lord Brahma
620 Om Chakraya nama Who is in the form of Devendra
621 Om Vishnave nama Who is in the form of Lord Vishnu
622 Om Mithraya nama Who is in the form of Sun God(Who measures everything)
623 Om Thwashtre nama Who is in the of Viswakarma, the architect
624 Om Druvaya nama Who is in the form of Druva star
625 Om Dharaya nama Who is in the form of Vasu called Dara
626 Om Prabhavaya nama Who is in the form of Vasu called Prabhava
627 Om Sarva kaya Vayave nama Who is in the form of air within all beings/Who is in the form of wind which is everywhere
628 Om Aryamne nama Who is in the form Aaryama who is a God of manes
629 Om Savithre nama Who creates everything
630 Om Ravaye nama Who is in the form of Sun God
631 Om Ushangave nama Who possesses scorching rays
632 Om Vidhathre nama Who is the one who orders
633 Om Mandhatre nama Who looks after the soul called “me”
634 Om Bhootha bhavanaya nama Who looks after all that is created
635 Om Vibhave nama Who is the lord of the three worlds
636 Om Varna vibhavine nama Who divided colours in to four/ Who has many coloured splendour
637 Om Sarva kama Gunaa ahaaya nama Who creates qualities liked by all
638 Om Padma nabhaya nama Who keeps the lotus in his belly button/Who is of the form of Vishnu
639 Om Maha garbhaya nama Who carries all in his belly at the time of deluge
640 Om Chandra vakthraya nama Who has a face resembling the moon
641 Om Anilaya nama Who does not have any body who can command him
642 Om Analaya nama Who has limitless power
643 Om Bala vathe nama Who has very great strength
644 Om Upa santhaya nama Who controls his power and does not show it
645 Om Puranaya nama Who is very ancient
646 Om Punyasanchave nama Who can be known only through good acts
647 Om Ye nama Who is of the form of Goddess Lakshmi (EE the Lakshmi root)
648 Om Kuru karthre nama Who created Kuru Kshethra
649 Om Kuru vasine nama Who lives in Kuru Kshethra
650 Om Kuru bhoothaya nama Who is the Karma sthana and Upasana sthana at Kuru Kshethra(place of duty and meditation)
651 Om Gunoushadhaya nama Who encourages good conduct and helps it grow
652 Om Sarvasayaya nama Who is the place where everything resides
653 Om Darbhacharine nama Who receives Havirbhagas (Offering at time of sacrifice) kept on Dharbha grass
654 Om Sarveshaam praninaam pathaye nama Who is the lord of all living things
655 Om Devadevaya nama Who is the God of all gods
656 Om Sukhaskthaya nama Who is not interested in pleasures
657 Om Sathe nama Who is the God of all beings
658 Om Asathe nama Who is the God who is the truth
659 Om Srava rathna vidhe nama Who has all precious stones with him
660 Om Kailsa giri vasine nama Who lives on Kailasa Mountain
661 Om Himavad giri amsrayaya nama Who possesses the Himalaya mountains
662 Om Koola haarine nama Who breaks the shore in the form of water tide
663 Om Koola karthre nama Who has made the shores of tanks
664 Om Bahu vidhyaya nama Who knows several aspects of knowledge
665 Om Bahu pradhaya nama Who gives in plenty
666 Om Vanijaya nama Who took the form of a merchant
667 Om Varthakine nama Who is in the form of a carpenter
668 Om Vrukshayta nama Who is in the form of a tree
669 Om Vakulaa nama Who is in the form of tree yielding Vakula flowers
670 Om Chandaaya nama Who is in the form of Sandalwood tree
671 Om Chchadhaya nama Who is in the form of Pala tree
672 Om Sara greevaya nama Who has a very firm neck
673 Om Maha jathrave nama Who has firm neck bones
674 Om Aloalaya nama Who does not have any desires
675 Om Mahoushadhaya nama Who is the greatest medicine in the form of food
676 Om Sidhartha karine nama Who does good to Sidhas(great saints)
677 Om Sidhartha chando vyakanotharaya nama Who is the occult power which answers grammar , meter etc
678 Om Simha nadaya nama Who has a royal voice like that of a lion
679 Om Simha damshtraya nama Who has teeth like lion
680 Om Simhakaya nama Who has gait like a lion
681 Om Simha vahanya nama Who rides on a lion , which is the vehicle of his consort
682 Om Prabhavathmane nama Who has the fame that he is the truth of all truths
683 Om Jagatkalasthaalaya nama Who has the god of death as his food plate
684 Om loka hithaya nama Who does good to the world 
685 Om Tharave nama Who makes us cross the ocean of life
686 Om Sarangaya nama Who has perfect organs
687 Om Nava chakrangaya nama Who has the Sri Chakra with nine parts as his body
688 Om Kethumaline nama Who shines in his flag/Who is of the form of birds with crown
689 Om Sabhavanaya nama Who protects societies
690 Om Bhothalayaya nama Who has the temple in Pancha bhoothas
691 Om Bhoothapathaye nama Who is the God of all beings
692 Om Ahorathraya nama Who is there through out night and day
693 Om Anindhithaya nama Who is without any stain
694 Om Sarva bhoothaanam vaahithre nama Who makes all animals exist/work
695 Om Nilayaa nama Who is the resting place of al beings
696 Om Vibhave nama Who does not have birth
697 Om Bhavaya nama Who is the reason for creation of all beings
698 Om Amoghaya nama Who does not waste his connection/thought/ Who is in plenty
699 Om Samyathaya nama Who is bound by his devotees
700 Om Aswaya nama Who us in the form of a horse
701 Om Bhojanaya nama Who provides food for everybody
702 Om Pranadharanaya nama Who saves lives
703 Om Druthimathe nama Who is of the form of stable minded
704 Om Mathimathe nama Who is of the form of intelligent
705 Om Dakshaya nama Who is very capable
706 Om Sathkruthya nama Who is worshipped by every one
707 Om Yugadhipaya nama Who is the king of conflicting emotions like hot /cold etc/Who is the chief in a Yuga
708 Om Gopalaye nama Who protects sense organs
709 Om Gopathaye nama Who rules the earth
710 Om Gramaya nama Who is the human society
711 Om Gocharma vasanaya nama Who wears the hide of cows
712 Om Haraye nama Who puts an end to sorrow
713 Om Hiranya bahave nama Who has golden arms
714 Om Pravesinaam Guhapalaya nama Who protects those who meditate on him
715 Om Prakrushtaraye nama Who completely wipes out enemies (Like passion, anger etc)
716 Om Maha harshaya nama Who is greatly happy
717 Om Jitha kamaaya nama Who has won the god of love
718 Om Jithendriyaya nama Who has won over his sense organs
719 Om Gandharaya nama Who wears the earth (Who is raga called Gandara)
720 Om Suvasaya nama Who has a great place to reside
721 Om Thapassakthaya nama Who is greatly drowned in penance
722 Om Rathaye nama Who is personification of pleasure
723 Om Naraya nama Who makes everything work
724 Om Maha geethaya nama Who likes very good music
725 Om Maha nruthyaya nama Who likes god dancing
726 Om Apsara gana sevithaya nama Who is served by the community of celestial dancers
727 Om Maha kethave nama Who has the flag in which bull is there
728 Om Maha dhathave nama Who has Meru mountain which has lot of minerals
729 Om Naika sanu charaya nama Who travels in several mountain peaks
730 Om Chalaya nama Who cannot be caught
731 Om Avedaniyaya nama Who can be known through a teacher
732 Om Adesaya nama Who is in the form of instructions
733 Om Sarva gandha sukha vahaya nama Who makes the pleasure of all good scents
734 Om Thoranaya nama Who is the gate to salvation
735 Om Tharanaa nama Who makes us cross the ocean of life
736 Om Vathaa nama Who is in the form of gases
737 Om Paridhine nama Who protests us like a fort
738 Om Pathikecharaya nama Who is in the form of king of birds-Garuda
739 Om Samyogaya vardhanaya nama Who is the process of reproduction
740 Om Vrudhaya nama Who is an old man(elder)
741 Om Athivrudhaya nama Who is older than the oldest
742 Om Gunadikaya nama Who is great because of his good conduct
743 Om Nithya mathma sahayaya nama Who is forever helping mortal souls
744 Om Devasura pathaye nama Who is the lord of Asuras and Devas
745 Om Pathye nama Who is the leader
746 Om Yukthaya nama Who is merged with every being
747 Om Yuktha bahave nama Who has hands which does proper work
748 Om Divi suparvana devaya nama Who is God to even Indra who is in heaven
749 Om Ashadaya nama Who can tolerate everything
750 Om Sushadaya nama Who can easily forgive
751 Om Druvaya nama Who is stable
752 Om Harinaya nama Who is white
753 Om Haraaya nama Who destroys sorrow
754 Om Aavarthamanebhyo vapushe nama Who gives bodies for those who take birth several times
755 Om Vasu sreshtaya nama Who is better than all things(Who is the chief of Vasus)
756 Om Mahapadhaya nama Who is the best path
757 Om Siroharine vimarsaya nama Who is the critic who cut off Brahma’s head
758 Om Sarva lakshana lakshithaya nama Who is the treasure house of all good qualities
759 Om Akshaya radha yogine nama Who is like the axis of a chariot
760 Om Sarva yogine nama Who is merged with every thing
761 Om Maha balaya nama Who has immense strength
762 Om Samanmayaya nama Who is of the form of Vedas
763 Om Asamamnaya nama Who is beyond the Vedas
764 Om Theertha devaya nama Who is the holy god (Who is the God of sacred waters)
765 Om Maharadhya nama Who has a very big chariot
766 Om Nirjeevaaya nama Who is even in lifeless objects
767 Om Jeevanaya nama Who is the soul(Who is our occupation)
768 Om Manthraya nama Who is the sacred chants
769 Om Shubakshaya nama Who has the vision that leads to salvation
770 Om Bahu karkasaya nama Who is very strict in real life
771 Om Rathna prabhoothaya nama Who has very large quantity of gems
772 Om Rathangaya nama (or Om Rakthangaya nama) Who has organs shining like gems(Who is reddish in colour)
773 Om Maharnava nipanavidhe nama Who drinks the oceans at time of deluge
774 Om Moolaya nama Who is like root of the world
775 Om Vishalaya nama Who is road and spread everywhere
776 Om Amruthaya nama Who is like nectar
777 Om Vyakthavyakthaya nama Who is clear to devotees and invisible to others
778 Om Thaponidhaye nama Who is a very great sage
779 Om Aarohanaya nama Who makes devotees climb
780 Om Athirohaya nama Who is in the top level
781 Om Sheeladarine nama Who protects good conduct (Who has good conduct)
782 Om Maha yasase nama Who has very great fame
783 Om Sena kalpaya nama Who creates armies by just thought
784 Om Maha kalpaya nama Who has the great ornaments
785 Om Yogaya nama Who is of the form of Yoga
786 Om Yuga karaya nama Who is the one who creates Yugas
787 Om Haraye nama Who is of the form of Lord Vishnu
788 Om Yuga roopaya nama Who is the form of Yugas
789 Om Maha roopaya nama Who is beyond limits and have a big shape
790 Om Maha naaga hanaya nama Who killed Gajasura who had immense form
791 Om Avadhaa nama Who is of the form of death
792 Om Nyaya nirva panaaya nama Who gave the Nyaa sasthra to the world
793 Om Paadaya nama Who is the final destination
794 Om Pandithaya nama Who is the very wise one
795 Om Achalopamaya nama Who is very stable like a mountain
796 Om Bahu maalaya nama Who has variety of playful acts
797 Om Mahaamaalaya nama Who wears very many garlands
798 Om Sasine hara sulochanaya nama Who has eyes much prettier than the moon
799 Om Visthara lavana koopaya nama Who is like the very broad saltish well
800 Om Triyugaya nama Who is in the for of three Yugas
801 Om Saphalodayaya nama Who comes out for the good
802 Om Trilochanaya nama Who is having three eyes
803 Om Vishannangaya nama Who has organs which are the eight moorthies like earth
804 Om Mani viddhhaya nama Who wears ear studs
805 Om Jada dharaya nama Who has matted locks
806 Om Bindhave nama Who is of the form of dot
807 Om Visarggaya nama Who is like a Visarga in the form of Ardha Nareeswara
808 Om Sumukhaya nama Who is having a pleasant face
809 Om saraya nama Who is of the form of a bow
810 Om Sarvayudhaya nama Who wears all weapons
811 Om Sahaya nama Who has great patience
812 Om Nivedanaya nama Who informs abut everything
813 Om Sukha jadaya nama Who is of the enjoyable(pleasant) form
814 Om Sugandharaya nama Who is like a good horse of Gandhara(Afghanisthan)
815 Om Maha danushe nama Who has very great bow
816 Om Gandhapaline bhagawathe nama Who saves the memories of previous births a time of deluge
817 Om Sarva karmana mukthaya nama Who makes all jobs(duties) rise up again after the deluge
818 Om Mandhanaya bahulaya vayave nama Who is the wind which churns life at the time of deluge
819 Om Sakalaya nama Who is every where
820 Om Sarva lochanaaya nama Who sees everything (Who has eyes every where)
821 Om Thalasthalaya nama Who is of the form of clapping hand(Who is the basis of everything)
822 Om KaraSthaline nama Who has his own hand as vessel
823 Om Urdhwa samhananaya nama Who is having very great strength (who has a very tall stature)
824 Om Mahathe nama Who is great
825 Om Chchathraya nama Who reduces discomfort like an umbrella
826 Om Succhathraa Who has a very pretty Umbrella
827 Om Vikhyathaya lokaaya nama Who is being seen from everywhere(Who has a famous residence)
828 Om Sarvaasrayaya kramaya nama Who has discipline in everything
829 Om Mundaya nama Who has a shaved head
830 Om Viroopaya nama Who has a very bad looks
831 Om Vikruthaya nama Who has various forms
832 Om Dandine nama Who has a stick in his hand (like a Brahma chari)
833 Om Kundine nama Who has a water jug (pancha pathra)in his hand
834 Om Vikurvanaya nama Who cannot be attained by rituals
835 Om Haryakshaya nama Who is of the form of lion
836 Om Kakhubhaya nama Who is of the form of directions
837 Om Vajrine nama Who is of the form of Devendra
838 Om Satha jihwaya nama Who has hundreds of toungues
839 Om Sahasrapathe nama Who has millions of legs
840 Om Sahasra moorthne nama Who has thousands of heads
841 Om Devendraya sarva deva mayaya nama Who is of the form of Devendra and also all other devas
842 Om Gurave nama Who is the teacher
843 Om Sahasra bahave nama Who has thousands of hands
844 Om Saranyaya nama Who can take care of others
845 Om Sarvangaya nama Who has everything
846 Om Sarva loka kruthe nama Who creates all the worlds
847 Om Pavithraya nama Who makes others holy
848 Om Trikakudhe mantraya nama Who is the mantra with three parts viz Bheejam(root), Shakthi(power) and Keelagam(the nail)
849 Om Kanishtaya nama Who is younger(perhaps refers to Vamana)
850 Om Krishna pingalaya nama Who is blackish red in colour
851 Om Brahma danda vinir mathre nama Who punishes Lord Brahma
852 Om Sathagni pasa shakthimathe nama Who has a weapon called Sathagni(capable of killing one hundred people) , pasa, Shakthi etc
853 Om Padma garbhaya nama Who is of the form of Brahma who was born in a lotus
854 Om maha garbhaya nama Who keeps everything within himself
855 Om Brahma garbhaya nama Who keeps Vedas(Brhama) within himself
856 Om Jalodhbhavaya nama Who rose from the water of deluge
857 Om Gabasthaye nama Who has rays of light
858 Om Brhama kruthe nama Who composed the Vedas
859 Om Brahmine nama Who recites Vedas
860 Om Brhama vidhe nama Who is an expert in Vedas
861 Om Brahmanaya nama Who in the form of Brahmin teaches Vedas
862 Om Gathaye nama Who is the place of refuge
863 Om Anantha roopaya nama Who has several forms
864 Om Naikathmane nama Who does not have body
865 Om Swayabhuva sthigmathejase nama Who has the power which could not be tolerated by Brahma
866 Om Urdhwagathmane nama Who has a form beyond the universe
867 Om Pasupathaye nama Who is the God of all beings
868 Om Vatharamhaya nama Who has the speed of wind
869 Om Manojavaya nama Who has the speed of mind
870 Om Chandanine nama Who is being bathed in sandal paste
871 Om Padmanalagraya nama Who was before Brahma was born in a lotus
872 Om Surabhyutharanaya nama Who downgraded Kama Dhenu for telling false testimony
873 Om Naraya nama Who does not take anything out of desire
874 Om Karnikara mahasthravigne nama Who wears garland made out of golden flowers
875 Om Neelamoulaye nama Who wears a crown embedded with blue stone
876 Om Pinaka druthe nama Who carries the bow called Pinaka
877 Om Umapathaye nama Who is the consort of Goddess Uma
878 Om Uma kanthaya nama Who has been married by Uma out of love
879 Om Jahnavi druthe nama Who wears river Ganga on his crown
880 Om Umadhavaya nama Who is the husband of Goddess Uma
881 Om Varaya varahaya nama Who took the form of Varaha(Vishnu’s incarnation)
882 Om Varadaya nama Who shows mercy to the world in several forms
883 Om Varenyaya nama Who can be asked for a boon
884 Om Sumahaswanaya nama Who has a very musical voice
885 Om Mahaprasadaya nama Who is greatly pleased
886 Om Damanaya nama Who controls bad people
887 Om Shatrugne nama Who kills his enemies
888 Om Shwethapingalaya nama Who is white on one side and red on the other
889 Om Peethathmane nama Who is of golden colour
890 Om Paramatmane nama Who is the soul which is everywhere
891 Om Prayathathmane nama Who has a purest mind
892 Om Pradhna druthe nama Who wears nature
893 Om Sarva parswa mukhaya nama Who has faces on all sides
894 Om Trayakshaya nama Who has three eyes
895 Om Dharma sadharno varaya nama Who is the proper compensation for good deeds
896 Om Chacharathmane nama Who is the soul of moving and non moving beings
897 Om Siikshmathmane nama Who has a form which is beyond the intellect
898 Om Amruthaya Govrusheswaraya nama Who is the god of perennial dharma which is the lord of earth
899 Om Sadyarshaye nama Who gives knowledge to Sadhyas who are devas for devas
900 Om Vasuradithyaya nama Who is a Vasu who is son of Adithi
901 Om Vivaswathe savithamruthaya nama Who is the moon who drenches the world by his nectar like rays
902 Om Vyasaya nama Who is the form of Veda Vyasa
903 Om Sargaya susamkshepaya vistharaya nama Who is the author of Suthras which are abbreviated knowledge and also Puranas which are knowledge in detail
904 Om Paryayonaraya nama Who is the soul of Virat Pursha which is spread everywhere
905 Om Ruthave nama Who is the season
906 Om Samvathsaraya nama Who is the year
907 Om Masaya nama Who is the month
908 Om Pakshaya nama Who is the lunar fortnight
909 Om Samkhya samapanaya nama Who is the days of completion of seasons and lunar fortnights
910 Om Kalabhyo nama Who is the shorter part of the day called Kala
911 Om Kashtaabhyo nama Who is the Kashtaas which are small measurement of time
912 Om Lavebhyo nama Who is Lavas , which are small sub division of time
913 Om Maathraabhyo nama Who is Mathras, another measurement of small time
914 Om Muhurthaha Kshapebhyo nama Who is the period of holy time in a day
915 Om Kshanebhyo nama Who is seconds
916 Om Viswa kshethraya nama Who is the area from which universe grew
917 Om Prajaa bheejaya nama Who is the seeds of citizens
918 Om Lingaya nama Who is the principle called “Mahat”(great)
919 Om Aadhyaya nirgamaya nama Who is the first germinating seed of the world
920 Om Sathe nama Who is the truth
921 Om Asathe nama Who is the truth hiding behind apparitions
922 Om Vyakthaya nama Who is clarity to those who know
923 Om Avyakthaya nama Who cannot be described clearly
924 Om Pithre nama Who is the father
925 Om Mathre nama Who is the mother
926 Om Pithamahaya nama Who is the father of father
927 Om Swarga dwaraya nama Who is the gateway to heaven
928 Om Praja dwaraya nama Who is the gateway to more people(passion?)
929 Om Moksha dwaraya nama Who is the gateway to salvation
930 Om Trivishtapaya nama Who is heaven
931 Om Nirvanaya nama Who is detachment(salvation)
932 Om Hladhanaya nama Who is the one who creates happiness
933 Om Brahmalokaya nama Who is the world of Brahma
934 Om Parayai gathyai nama Who is the best way to salvation
935 Om Devasura vinirmathre nama Who is the one who created asuras and devas
936 Om Devasura parayanaya nama Who is the support for Devas and Asuras
937 Om Devasura gurave nama Who is the teacher for Devas and Asuras
938 Om Devaya nama Who is the propeller of life
939 Om Devasura namaskruthaya nama Who is being saluted by Devas and Asuras
940 Om Devasura maha mathraya nama Who is the best among devas and Asuras
941 Om Devasura Ganasrayaya nama Who is the one being depended on by Devas and Asuras
942 Om DEvasura ganadhyakshaya nama Who is the chief of devas and Asuras
943 Om Devasura agraganyai nama Who is the first among devas and Asuras
944 Om Devathidevaya nama Who is the God of devas
945 Om Devarshaye nama Who is of the sage form of devas like Narada
946 Om Devasura vara pradhaya nama Who is the giver of boons to Devas and Asuras
947 Om DEvasureswaraya nama Who is the ruler of Devas and Asuras
948 Om Viswaya nama Who is the universe
949 Om Devasura maheswaraya nama Who is the ruler of rulers of Devas and Asuras
950 Om Sarva deva mayaya nama Who is personification of all devas as one
951 Om Achinthyaya nama Who cannot be reached by thought process
952 Om Devadathmane nama Who is the soul of devas
953 Om Athma sambhavaya nama Who created himself
954 Om Uthbhidade nama Who appears breaking ignorance
955 Om Trivikramaya nama Who has spread in all the three worlds
956 Om Vaidyaya nama Who is full of knowledge/Who is the doctor
957 Om Virajaya nama Who is crystal clear
958 Om Neerajaaya nama Who does not have royal(rajo) qualities/Who is born out of water
959 Om Amaraya nama Who does not die
960 Om Eedyaya nama Who is suitable to be praised
961 Om Hastheswaraya nama Who resides in Kala hasthi/Who is the form of air
962 Om Vyagraya nama Who is the god called Vyagreswara/Who is the tiger
963 Om Deva simhaya nama Who is lion among devas
964 Om Nararshabhaya nama Who is the chief among men
965 Om Vibhudhaa nama Who is having specialized knowledge
966 Om Agravaraya nama Who is the first among those given Havirbhaga in sacrifices
967 Om Sookshmaya nama Who has minutest knowledge
968 Om Sarva devaya nama Who is all Gods rolled in to one
969 Om Thapo mayaya nama Who is the personification of penance
970 Om Suyukthaya nama Who is very careful
971 Om Shobhanaya nama Who is the good augury
972 Om Vajrine nama Who is as hard as diamond
973 Om Prasanaam prabhavaya nama Who is affected by ornamental language
974 Om Avyaya nama Who can be attained by single minded devotion
975 Om Guhaya nama Who is in hiding
976 Om Kanthaya nama Who is the upper limit of happiness
977 Om Nijaya Sargaya nama Who is in truth evolved himself
978 Om Pavithraya nama Who is holy/Who saves us from thunder
979 Om Sarva Bhavanaya nama Who makes everything holy
980 Om Srungine nama Who is high above(Who is the horned animals)
981 Om Srunga priyaya nama Who loves peaks of mountains
982 Om Babruve nama Who is the one who carries the world
983 Om Rajarajaya nama Who is the king of kings
984 Om Niraayaa nama Who is without any blemishes
985 Om Abhiramaya nama Who is pleasing to the mind
986 Om Sura ganaya nama Who is the form of the society of devas
987 Om Viramayata nama Who is not connected with subjects(controversies)
988 Om Sarva sadhanaya nama Who joins all benefits
989 Om Lalatakshaya nama Who has an eye on his forehead
990 Om Viswa devaya nama Who plas with the universe
991 Om Harinaya nama Who is of golden colour/Who is like a deer
992 Om Brahma varchasaya nama Who is the splendorous light of Brahma
993 Om Sthavaraanaam pathaye nama Who is the king of mountains
994 Om Niyamendra vardhanaya nama Who controls all his senses through penance
995 Om Sidharthaya nama Who keeps salvation as some ordinary thing
996 Om Siddha bhootharthata nama Who is the benefit got by people who do penance
997 Om Achinthyaya nama Who cannot be reached by meditation
998 Om Sathya vrathaya nama Who has made truth his unfailing credo
999 Om Suchaye nama Who is interested in cleanliness in nature
1000 Om Vrathadhipaya nama Who protects fasting practices
1001 Om Parasmai nama Who is Thureeya which is beyond sleep
1002 Om Brahmane nama Who is the ultimate truth
1003 Om Bhakthanaam paramayai gathaye nama Who is the ultimate destination of devotees
1004 Om Vimukthaya nama Who is completely free of bonds
1005 Om Muktha thejase nama Who is the light which is detached/Who does not have a body
1006 Om Sree mathe nama Who is richly intelligent
1007 Om Srivardhanaya nama Who gives wealth to hs devotees
1008 Om Jagathe nama Who is the universe itself